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Reflections on Compassion - Dr. Sternlicht's Interview, Professor of Health Sciences (Part2)

        Reflections on Compassion: Dr. Sternlicht's Interview Part 2. In the follow up to Dr. Sternlicht's Interview Part 1 video that educated & engaged you, his second Interview Part 2 promises to be just as riveting and informative. You don't want to miss: why fiber is so critical for our health, how your bodies internal environment can either promote or deter disease, the statistic that most Americans eat TWICE the amount of protein than they need and that's recommended by the RDA, the Paleo diet myth, and elite performance on a vegan diet!

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A Method to Quantify Concussions in Athletes

     Concussion awareness has increased dramatically with the ongoing research, public reports, and dissemination of incidents in professional sports. Concussions are a common injury in contact sports and prevalent in ice hockey. Depending on severity, concussed players are taken out of play at the team physicians' discretion for multiple weeks. Concussions are difficult to assess, since quantifying a concussion is challenging. Often players underperform on subjective tests at the start of the season or on initial baseline testing. However, using blood biochemical biomarkers, concussions and the severity of concussions are quantifiable.      A test study conducted by Shahim et al. in 2014 and published in the Journal of American Medical Association was performed to figure out if... (more)