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Obesity Update

        The prevalence of obesity in the United States has continued to increase over the past half century. The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) in late February 2020 released the latest adult obesity statistics and brief from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) stating that the adjusted prevalence of obesity in adults is now 42.4%. The first time ever American’s exceeded 40 percent of the adult population was obese and an increase from the last report stating the prevalence of obesity of 39.8%; just two-years prior. Severe obesity is highest among adults ages 40-59, increasing from 4.7%-9.2%. Trends in the prevalence of severe obesity show that women have higher severe obesity... (more)

Do Injuries Ever Fully Recover – A Study on Tennis Rehab Suggests No

        All sports place our bodies under stress, however, most sport-related injuries come from repetitive use trauma. Tennis players stress their shoulders and arms, placing their joints under high loads and strain repeatedly striking the ball – over and over, and over, again - at high speeds. Excessive stress can cause injuries, most commonly in the player’s arms. The most common injury in all tennis players is lateral epicondylitis or “tennis elbow.” Tennis elbow is a condition in which the outermost area of the elbow becomes sore and tender at the lateral epicondyle. Tennis elbow is often treated without surgery with initially RICE treatment, and, if necessary physical therapy. If adhered to there is a high recovery rate - at least... (more)