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Active recovery - experiment with other options

Injuries are often times to experiment with other options for exercise. Besides spinning on an indoor bike you might want to try out your gyms elliptical machines or rowing machines.

Using healthy areas and avoiding injured areas not only allows you to maintain your training but also aids in the recovery and repair of the damaged or injured area.

Coaches, sports medicine physicians, and athletes call this process "active recovery".

By increasing your metabolism through exercise - all the while avoiding stressing the injured area - you speed the repair process by increasing blood flow throughout your entire body including the injured area. The increased blood flow brings much needed nutrients to the tissues and removed excess fluid and waste metabolites.

So, not only will your workouts benefit your fitness level they will speed your healing. Take active recovery time to try out the other options in your gym.
Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 4.20.06