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Exercise & diet does more than just keeping your weight down, they improve your survivability from prostate cancer.

Males who keep their body fat levels low dramatically improve survivability from prostate cancer.

While studies on males have found little or no link between body weight and the first occurrence of prostate cancer, there have been numerous studies that body weight and fat levels negatively impact the long-term prognosis.

In a prospective study of 526 cancer patients, Strom et al. out of the University of Texas, Houston found that following radical prostate surgery men were twice as likely to have a recurrence of their cancer if they were obese.

Obese men, those who were obese as children or those who had gained considerable amounts of weight after graduating college (between the ages of 25 and 40), had double the risk of developing a recurrent tumor within five years of their initial surgery. Obesity and body fat levels may not predispose individuals to prostate cancer, like some other forms of cancer, but a high body fat level does play a significant role once the disease has presented itself.

Exercise and diet provide more than a means to gain fitness and an attractive body. They keep your body fat levels under control and in doing so dramatically improve your survivability from prostate cancer.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 11.01.05