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The number of days you workout per week depends on you

Many people are prescribed workout schedules with anywhere from four to seven days per week of training.The number of days each person works out is most often personalized to their current fitness level, personal goals, and time they can commit to exercise and the program.

Optimally for health, and for weight loss, the more days you are active the better. Some of the activity need not be intense, some are active recovery. Active recovery days differ quite dramatically from interval workouts, or RM weight workouts.

There may be times where working out seven days a week can be too much. A lot depends on your outside stress level and health status. Exercise frequency is just one of the three primary parameters of exercise overload.

The overload exercise creates is dependent on training frequency, duration, and intensity. Any one of those parameters in excess can create problems. Increasing more than one at any given time, or too much, can create problems - leading to over training, injuries, or illness. Your body becomes run down rather than fit.

You must play a proactive role with your trainer in order to ensure programs are progressive, are modified to accommodate fitness levels, and allow for recovery to occur, therefore allowing gains in fitness to take place.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 3.04.06