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Weight training can be considered moderate intensity exercise in elderly subjects

A single set of weight lifting is acceptable for achieving moderate intensity exercise in 67 - 79 year olds.

The American College of Sports Medicine and President Council on Physical Fitness and Sports both recommend accumulating 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, or the equivalent of 150 to 200 calories of activity,on most days of the week. This activity level and energy expenditure will help to maintain health and physical function.

A recent study out of the Department of Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University East found that a single-set of fifteen repetitions for 8 exercises is acceptable for achieving moderate intensity exercise in elderly men and women ages 67 to 79 years old. The average energy cost was 84.2 kcals and 69.7 kcals for males and females, respectively. This was at a metabolic intensity (MET level) of 3.0-3.3 or moderate intensity for this population.

While the single-set workout meet the intensity level recommendations, additional sets and repetitions would be necessary to meet an energy cost of 150 to 200 calories.

Resistance training is not just a benefit to your muscles and bones, but also for your overall health.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 11.05.05