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Resistance training improves bone density even into your eighties

A 6-month randomized controlled trial provides evidence that resistance training can improve bone density in women ages 75 to 85 years old.

Osteoporosis and bone loss is a major concern for women in particular. Numerous studies have proven the benefit of weight bearing exercise in providing the stimulus for bone growth and for slowing the loss of bone later in life.

The results from recent 6-month randomized controlled trial provides evidence that weight training can benefit even the elderly by not only slowing bone loss but also increasing bone density. The study out of the University of British Columbia in Canada followed women ages 75 to 85 years old for 6 months and found that those who participated in a regular resistance training program significantly increased their hip and femur bone density while those who served as a control by stretching experienced bone loss over the trial period.

It appears that it is never too late to improve your physical condition and reduce your disease risk.So get up and start pumping that iron.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 11.06.05