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Weight loss frustrations

Weight loss frustrations are met by many dieting individuals. There are two common reasons for these road blocks.

Medications are definitely a factor in weight stabilization. Many meds make weight loss much more difficult and sometime impossible. Speaking with your physician to see if he/she will reduce the dose or eliminate the prescription completely would be wise. Possibly there are more holistic approaches you can take - dietary and even activity wise.

Frustrations in weight loss can also be a result of gaining muscle while losing fat. Even in that case it doesn't feel the same as dropping a pound or two.

Doing cardio every day will definitely help with weight loss. As I wrote in the post:
Activity is essential for long-term weight loss & maintenance, the people who have been most successful with long-term weight loss and weight maintenance not only exercised daily but for a duration between an hour to an hour and a half.

Definitely adding some cardio to your daily activities will aid in fat and weight loss.

Hang in there. Even though your weight isn't changing at the present time be gentle with yourself and remember how much you are improving your health and well-being with your improved dietary habits and lifestyle.

Written by Dr Sternlicht for on 5.02.06