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Pedometer Accuracy

While your pedometer is designed for walking, it can be used for jogging. The number of steps won't equate as closely to one mile (typically 2,000 steps walking = 1 mile) but it can be used to look at changes over time in your jogging workout.

When using a pedometer is important to realize that even the conversion of 2,000 steps to a mile is an estimate and will vary depending on leg and stride length. Like I state in the title it's a question of accuracy. For day to day comparisons and feedback & motivational purposes they are an excellent tool to use. But they do have some limitations.

Although it won't be precise for measuring the distance you run - if you want to wear it during your runs you can see how they compare to one another. It is just another method of measuring how far you ran - particularly for outside run where you may not have mile markers of distance measures.

If you wear it for a jogging workout you can subtract the number obtained during the run to see how many steps you get during the remainder of your day from walking, climbing stairs, etc to determine your activity level from activities outside of your workout.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 2.04.06