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What to do if you skip or miss a workout

If you either skip or miss a workout, the best choice is to pick up in your program whatever day it is. Don't try to put two workout days together into one or switch your program around. Even if it is a high-intensity RM weight workout or interval workout you miss.

Whether you miss the workout due to illness, other obligations, not feeling well, your menstrual cycle, ... whatever the cause it obviously means your body and mind needed the break. And possibly your body was being stressed in another way; be it illness, work pressures, or even an extra day of rest.

Most exercise programs have been structured in a specific way to allow for recovery between hard workouts and provide a proper balance of rest with effort. Whenever you miss a particular workout, no matter what the reason, simply pick up on the given day and enjoy the workout.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 2.06.06