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Coming back from an injury

Whenever you start to train after an injury it is imperative you proceed slowly and make sure to allow time for adaptations to take place.

Those adaptations occur post-workout assuming adequate recovery and proper nutrition are achieved.

After physical therapy has re-established proper movement patterns, and balanced the area involved in the injury, it is best to start back training by strengthening the movement patterns of the area involved first - rather than strengthen individual muscles.

Once the proper movement patterns have been re-established, and strengthened, only then can you begin to add more resistance, instability, movement complexity, or overload.

Slow and steady progress is favored over more intense and complicated patterning which risks re-injury and further set back. While it may seem like an eternity when injured, in time with a proper approach strength will be regained and the time off will be a distant memory.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 3.24.06