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Exercise Column

Enjoyable workouts

Like most everything in life, exercise and motivation have their ups and downs.

In fact, we need to vary the amount and intensity of our training so as not to lead to over training and injury. So don't worry if you train in spurts, stops and starts for a while. Over time it will become a natural part of your every day. Even if it is using a pedometer to log another 2000 steps for the day.

Make sure you find activities which you enjoy and have fun doing. Make your workouts a pleasurable part of your day - not torture or something you resist or avoid.

This is your life - for real. "Not a rehearsal" as is commonly said. No need to punish yourself. Use exercise and activity for camaraderie, play, and fun and reap the positive rewards movement and activity bring to your body and mind.
Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 3.10.06