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Indoor workouts ARE more controlled

While outdoor workouts tend to be more enjoyable - particularly when done with friends or in a group - I found indoor workouts more controlled and better for interval work.

When I was training to top competitions I found I could push myself better indoors and attain higher heart rate levels and power output values indoors compared to outside.

While I always perform better outside in race conditions, indoor intensity workouts seemed to work better where no immediate prize or award was waiting at the end of the effort.

Heck, any workouts - inside or out - are great. As long as you are working out.

It is only for peak performance or fitness where precise intensity training is critical. For most people it is purely an option and a means to boost your fitness. And, if it is not always sunny and warm, indoors is always an option during rain, sleet, snow, or ...

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 2.14.06