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Reaching Your Full Growth Potential

In terms of nutrition, the primary focus in our culture is on weight loss. However weight gain is also very important to some people, especially athletes looking to put on extra muscle for their particular sport.

A common notion for athletes is to eat more animal protein if the goal of your exercise program is to gain size, yet this idea comes with high risks. According to T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., author of The China Study, eating a diet of mostly animal protein does correlate with heavier, taller people; however, it also correlates with a significantly higher incidence of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This shows putting on extra muscle by combining resistance training with an increased animal protein intake comes with very high costs.

There is a better way to achieve your full growth potential, while simultaneously minimizing the disease risks. Eat more plant protein! The same studies report in his book found plant protein intake was closely linked to greater height and body weight. Because both animal and plant protein are effective in helping you gain weight, choose plant protein because it comes without the added disease risks. A plant-based diet also provides the nutritional benefits of low blood cholesterol, high fiber consumption and high vitamin intake.

Next time you are looking for nutrient and caloric replacement after a tough workout, think about using plant-based sources that include high quality, plant-based proteins such as soy or soy products.

Written by Aaron Losey, B.A., CSCS