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Gender specific differences in subcutaneous and visceral fat loss

It appears that men and women lose weight from different regions of their bodies when body fat is lost through dieting.

Several studies have found gender differences in regional fat loss more so than total fat loss with weight loss programs. Once study, published in the journal Obesity Research, represents the majority of studies looking into gender specific weight loss.

Apparently, while men and women lose similar amounts of weight and fat during weight loss programs, men lose more visceral fat (that fat around their abdomen and around their internal organs) compared to women who lose more subcutaneous fat (that fat directly below the surface of the skin).

The increased visceral fat loss in men provides a significant improvement in health and reduction in metabolic risk factors.

Based on studies, while both men and women benefit from weight loss, the benefits are greater overall for men particularly in terms of reduction in disease risk and improvement in overall health status.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 2.27.06