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Drink soda's, even diet ones, in moderation

The research on diet soda is not very positive. In fact, most studies suggest that those who drink the most have the highest body fat levels. And drinking diet soda provides little positive benefit other than taste. And some water intake. Yet, artificial sweeteners often act as diuretic agents increasing fluid loses so the gain is not as great as with milk, juice, or water itself.

Research by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D. out of Penn State University has shown the most liquids are not registered the same as solids - particularly when containing calories.

While a diet drink once in a while won't hurt you, it is better for you to drink water, or if you prefer carbonation, mix seltzer or sparkling water with juice or a slice of lime or lemon for taste.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 1.21.06