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Green tea can add important antioxidants

The research on tea is equivocal. Some studies are positive while others are seem neutral at best.

There are definitely some beneficial antioxidants in green tea, primarily polyphenols. Some possible discrepancies in the studies might be in the amount of tea the subjects drank in each study, the purity and amount of polyphenols from tea to tea, and the overall difference in other nutrients in the subjects diets between studies. Tea drinkers often follow healthier diets and lifestyles than coffee or non-tea drinkers.

Drinking a couple cups of tea, particularly green tea (but others work as well), a day would prove beneficial to not only your immune system but also your psyche. Especially if you take the time to relax, sip the hot drink while enjoying some quiet time during your day.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 1.21.06