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It is all a matter of perspective

Some people wonder if a weight loss programs gets easier? If you have to restrict the foods you like? If you have to be constantly vigilant?

Much of the answer to these questions is a matter of perspective. The foods you crave may always remain - since in many cases there is an emotional component to your nurture foods.

However, in time you will learn which foods provide better nutrition for your body and improve your health and function and which ones don't. In time you will view foods not only as good or bad, but also as healthy and unhealthy and as such desirable for their health benefits as much as their taste.

In fact, in time you might find that eating is enjoyable when foods provide you with the body and health you desire in the long-term as much as the taste and fullness they provide in the short-term.

Balance is the key. Since diet is more often associated with restriction and elimination than with modification and inclusion. Eat the foods you like and you will more likely maintain a program for the long-term and reap the true benefits of the program.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for for 2.14.06