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Nutrition Column

For non-hypertriglyceridemics fruit is a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth

Fortunately, simple sugar - and even refined table sugar (sucrose) - is less detrimental than saturated fat.

Indulging every so often in Jelly Bellies or Red Vines is a much better choice to sooth your cravings for sweets than candy which is high in sugar and fat.

For people who don't have significantly elevated triglyceride levels, fruit is a exceptional choice on many levels. It is sweet and helps cure those cravings. It is packed with nutrition and fiber and fruit is high in fructose - which goes preferentially to the liver - which maintains liver glycogen levels and supports stabilization of blood glucose, calming hunger pangs and appetite.

Along with the fantastic dietary changes you're making, your exercise program will definitely help with your pre-diabetic condition.
Exercise helps improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Combined dietary modification and exercise is a sure fix for controlling your blood glucose and keeping you off medications in the future.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 3.15.06