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Nutrition Column

When eating too much of one nutrient

If you exceed any guideline for a particular nutrient you can:

1) use it as a learning experience to adjusting your eating in the days ahead.

2) eat more modestly the remainder of this day working to meet your other nutrient guidelines and keeping your saturated and trans fats lowest. In fact, those two nutrients should be watched most closely - always.

3) exercise a little to assist your body's handling of the extra glucose. Even if it is a few ten minutes spins, some extra steps, a couple sets of push up spread out throughout the day. Anything to stimulate your Glut-1 transporters (insulin independent glucose transport carriers in your muscles) and assist your body in clearing the extra glucose in a health manner.

4) continue to eat for the day and see where you do add up at the end. It might be a learning opportunity to re-adjust your foods and even possibly your guidelines. Of course to do that you want to talk to your physician

Remember even the USDA tables and food labels we've used to determine each foods nutrients composition contains rounding errors and estimations so getting close is all we can ask for.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 1.28.06