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Ideas to help guarantee long-term success

Both with your training and eating - make sure you stop before you "reach your limit" to assure maintained motivation and continued progress.

Stop each workout before you are completely wiped out and so fatigued you can't wait for the workout to end and aren't looking forward to the next one.

Whether you are lifting or walking or running make sure you finish the workout with a desire to train again.

Same goes for eating. Finish each meal when you are satisfied but not stuffed. Don't be concerned about not "cleaning your plate" and "finishing every last bite".

Strive to eat healthy foods in healthy quantities. Your goal is to treat yourself well - not to abuse yourself in any way.

Staying content, and not over doing it, will help to guarantee continued involvement, fewer lapses, and long-term success.

Once you establish a healthy diet for a while your behaviors will become second nature - requiring less vigilance. The biochemical and physiological changes in your body's function will become more permanent - allowing for minor transgressions with less of a negative impact on your overall health.

Written by Dr. Sternlicht for on 3.21.06