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Learn the Physiology of Obesity

       Dr. Sternlicht, through Brandman and Chapman University extended education, will continue offering his Obesity and Bodyweight Regulation course twice per year. The course is part of the Food Science and Nutrition program (course number FSNU 335), and Nursing and Health Professions program, and is perfect for working health, wellness, and exercise professionals and has been approved for academic credit, CPE credit for Dietitians, and CEC credit for American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Nursing professionals.
       With over 67 percent of American adults overweight or obese it is an ever growing epidemic in our society. Obesity among children has close to tripled in the past three decades. Presently 17.1 percent of our youth are overweight with another 16.5 percent considered at risk for becoming over weight. Much of the increased rate of weight gain in our society has been linked to a lack of regular exercise and poor eating habits. Obesity and overweight not only have a detrimental physical consequence but creates a life-long emotional burden on the individual one they often struggle with daily taking away from a pleasurable life. In addition, America as a nation spends over $150 Billion annually to treat obesity-related illness.
       Dr. Sternlicht's course covers such topics as the trends in obesity and its role as a major disease risk factor,the roles of diet, exercise, and behavior modification on weight loss and body weight regulation, optimal programs for weight loss and weight maintenance along with demonstration videos of body composition testing, metabolic rate measurement, fitness testing and prescription, and more in state-of-the-art labs at Chapman University, Orange Campus.
       The on-line course will run next in the spring 2011 semester. For more information on the course you can go to this Brandman University Extended Education link.

For a look at the Assessing Body Composition Lab  that will be used as part of the course click on the link.

Written by Eric Sternlicht, Ph.D. with Ezra Huang Brandman University, Irvine CA.