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Dr. Sternlicht Appears on CBSs The Doctors

Whats the Best Way to Better Abs?

Abdominal exercise devices are a $250 million-a-year industry. Liz heads up a Health Investigation into which device, if any, can give you better abs than the traditional -- and free -- crunch exercise. She enlists the help of Dr. Eric Sternlicht, president of Simply Fit - a nutrition and exercise consulting firm in Orange, California and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Sternlicht hooks electrodes to Lizs abdomen to measure her muscle activity in the three abdominal muscle groups; upper rectus abdominis, lower abdominis and external obliques. Liz tries the Ab-Roller Plus, Ab Coaster, Torso Track 2, a stability ball and a traditional crunch.

After compiling the correlating muscle activity data for each device that Liz tested, Dr. Sternlicht concludes, For every exercise, we found that none of the activities were higher [for the device] than it was for the crunch exercise.

The crunch is the winner! Liz says.